Do you Know about?

NDTV started using the 'Ra' Indian Rupee symbol in its Website Portals.

After the announcements of Indian Rupee symbol, many Indian were eager to use Ra symbol in there website. For the temporary Banglore based firm announced a font where we can use the symbol. You can download it here.

NDTV, India's leading Pvt Media firm had already started using the 'Ra' symbol in its website. You can see in their Website portals, preferably in business website where rupee is used for all the interpretations.


Save Rupee Design Symbol said...

Indian Rupee Symbol Hit By Corruption What U have to say about it ?

Arjun said...

Nice! But when can we use it ourselves when typing on websites like Facebook or Twitter?

GT said...

Ya hope to be sooon arjun. its not even a month after release