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Twitter surpasses 20 Billionth Tweets!!! GGGGGGo_Lets_Go is the luck tweeter

The popular social networking-micro blogging site Twitter has passed an another landmark by sending 20 Billion Tweets. The GGGGGGo_Lets_Go is the lucky tweeter who witnessed and will be in the history book as he was the person to tweet it.

Tweet was sent at 1544 GMT Saturday by GGGGGGo_Lets_Go, a Tokyo graphic designer for an advertising agency.

It said: "So that means the barrage might come back later all at once."

By stats, Twitter took four years to reach its 10 billionth tweet, in March this year, and less than five months to double it. By this means we can understand how much exponentially the twitter is growing.

Evan Williams, Twitter's 38-year-old chief executive, travelled to Tokyo earlier this month to celebrate the service's success in Japan. Japanese send nearly 8m tweets a day, about 12% of the global total and second only to the US, according to the San Francisco-based micro-blogging service.

Twitter is expected this year to open its first dedicated data centre, in the US state of Utah.

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