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Now an ice cream made exclusively for dogs in UK.

So people thinks when they are in sorrow that the dog life is better than them. Here is story which is justifying that think.

In Britain an average person consumes almost eight litres of ice cream a year, with the great majority eaten during the summer months.

The K99 ice cream van serves two flavours of dog ice cream, Dog Eat Hog World, which is a gammon and chicken sorbet, and Canine Cookie Crunch, which is a dog biscuits and ice cream mix.

Both are made from soya milk and have, according to the organisers, been developed by animal nutritionists and are perfectly safe for all dogs to eat.

The ice cream vendors in the K99 ice cream van claim it is the first attempt at ice cream made exclusively for dogs.

Soon after the opening of the van on Saturday a line of dogs, most who had brought their owners, had lined up to be served.

The ice cream van is a part of the Boomerang pets' party in Regent's Park in North London, an event organised by Boomerang Television.

Lauren Holness, who normally works as a promoter for Boomerang Television, is spending the day serving up ice cream cones to the dogs.

She admits she has not had "the courage" to try the meat based ice cream yet.
"For some reason I don't think it is a good one for me," she said.

The organisers of the K99 ice cream van ask people to donate 99 pence (1.5 US dollars) per ice cream towards the Berkshire Search & amp, a non-profit organisation assisting the British police and other emergency services in locating lost or missing persons.

- AP

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