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Now you will find Vuvuzela in Oxford Dictionary.

FIFA WC 2010 spirit lifter Vuvuzela make into the Oxford Dictionary. Along with other new words like (a meeting arranged through Twitter); cheeseball (lacking taste or style); and a turducken (a roast dish consisting of a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey)., it is included in the third edition of the dictionary, published today (THURS). The word vuvuzela has only been in common use since the summer when the long horn began to be heard at the World Cup matches in South Africa.

It is one of more than 2,000 new words and phrases included in the dictionary for the first time.

A spokesman for publishers Oxford University Press said the dictionary, which was first published in 1998, is based on a huge word bank or corpus which is continually being added to.

The spokesman said : The Oxford Dictionary of English was the first dictionary to be fully based on evidence of how language is really used, with words and senses derived from the latest corpus research.

This third edition of the dictionary draws on the Oxford English Corpus to ensure that it remains at the leading edge of language research.


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