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Will Sweden protect Wikileaks?

(AP) WikiLeaks moved its servers from the US to Sweden in 2007 to take advantage of laws protecting whistleblowers and a culture supportive of online mavericks.

This might be great news as we know that The Piratebay popular filesharing site also operate from the same land.

Swedish laws allow prosecutors to intervene against publication of material deemed harmful to national security.

It's unclear whether that could also include the security of a friendly nation.The US argues the secret documents risks the lives of coalition forces and Afghans helping them.

Another question is whether there is political will in Sweden to go after WikiLeaks. The site's founder, Julian Assange, is confident there isn't.

"The will of the Swedish people is with us," Assange told The Associated Press yesterday.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said the US has not contacted Sweden about WikiLeaks. Any complaint against the site would be a matter for Swedish judicial authorities not the government, Bildt said, but added he doesn't primarily see WikiLeaks as a legal problem.

"Is it responsible to publish information that leads to people being killed? I think that is more of an ethical question than a legal one," he said.

Swedish ministers typically refrain from getting involved when foreign governments complain about material published by the country's media.

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