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48 years old Maryellen Mara-Christian bags 465 kg alligator in US.

(AP) Maryellen Mara-Christian 48-year-old former bank marketing officer from Fitchburg, Massachusetts has bagged a 13-and-a-quarter foot (four metres), 1,025-pound (465 kilograms) alligator in a swampy area in between Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion on Wednesday during the state's alligator hunting season.

In this hunting competition she participated with her husband, who is a firefighter and a part-time hunting guide.

Mara-Christian says she hooked the alligator with her fishing pole and battled for two hours to get him near the boat.

The hunting season rules state that you have to secure the gator and get it to the boat before you're allowed to shoot it.

However, the .22-calibre gun the couple used wasn't powerful enough to put the animal down, so Mara-

Christian used a knife to sever the alligator's spinal cord.

She said that although she is an experienced hunter, this was her first gator.

A local meat processor said the massive reptile had so much fat that only about 40 pounds (18 kilo) was usable meat.

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