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Google chief sees Bing as its main threat.

Finally Google founder Eric Schmidt see Microsoft as potential threat to its Google search engine, never considered Facebook or Apple as competitors to Google

"While it's true Web search is not the only game in town, searching information is what it is all about," Schmidt said in Wall Street Journal interview video posted online yesterday.

He described Apple as a well-respected competitor and Facebook as a "company of consequence doing an excellent job in social networking," but said that Microsoft's latest-generation search engine was Google's main competition.

"We consider neither to be a competitive threat," Schmidt said, referring to Facebook and Apple. "Absolutely, our competitor is Bing. Bing is a well-run, highly competitive search engine."

Microsoft's Bing and other Internet search services overtook Yahoo! for the first time to become the number two search engine in the United States in August, according to The Nielsen Co.

Microsoft's Bing, MSN and Windows Live had a 13.9 per cent share of US search volume in August, up 0.25 per cent from July, while Yahoo! had a 13.1 per cent share of US Internet searches, down from 14.6 per cent in July, Nielsen said.

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