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Cellphone Address verification in India becomes a hell for the subscribers, over 25+ lakhs connections are said to be disconnected.

Due to misuse of cellphones and prevent the misuse of sim cards from terror activities, Center Indian Govt had tighten the neck of the all the Indian cell operators to submit with the latest address proof of the cell users.

It is said that so far, nearly 30 lakh cellphone subscribers have been disconnected from their respective networks across the country due to either incomplete or unverified customer details.

There has be some news in some states where subscriber verification where the operators claimed that the involvement of police has been creating problems, came up for discussion in a meeting of telecom operators, led by Bharti Group chairman Sunil Mittal, with the Union home secretary G K Pillai on Wednesday.

They also said that the steps followed by some states for subscriber verification were not in conformity with the guidelines issued by the department of telecom (DoT) and asked the government to look into it.

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