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LOVE(143) is a drug, researchers proves via science.

We has seen that the love they expected, if not received leads to hell lot of pain and uneasiness and some time which also lead to life ending consequences.

But science tell some thing new about LOVE. Researchers says LOVE is a drug, acts as a painkiller. They came to this conclusion by studying the Brain scans suggest many of the areas normally involved in pain response are also activated by amorous thoughts.

Stanford University researchers gave 15 students mild doses of pain, while checking if they were distracted by gazing at photos of their beloved.

The study focused on people early in a romance, journal PLoS One reported, so the "drug of love" may wear off.

The scientists who carried out the experiment used "functional magnetic resonance imaging" (fMRI) to measure activity in real-time in different parts of the brain.

The Stanford University researchers had noticed that when we feel pain, some of the same areas "light up" on the scans - and wondered whether one might affect the other.

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