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TerreStar Genus is the Worlds First Hybrid Satellite smartphone

Soon there will be no place you can hide from your wife..... lol joke apart AT&T with TerreStar Genus is going for the commercial sale of satellite smartphone across America later this year.

AT&T will initially be selling it to professional customers through business channels, but it will be in retail stores later this year.

The phone is preloaded with Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 with full qwerty keypad.

It can send and receive data over the satellite, which means it can be used for e-mail and Web surfing. The cost, like the satellite, is sky-high: $ 5 per megabyte, or 400 times more expensive than a standard $ 25-per-month terrestrial data plan.

The phones will communicate with the world's largest commercial satellite, owned by TerreStar Corp. It launched last year, and unfolded an umbrella of gold mesh, 60 feet wide, as a dish antenna to pick up the faint signals from phones 22,000 miles below.

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