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Chinese martial art Tai chi may offer relief from arthritis.

Researchers Study show that almost 70 % of people above the age of 65 in India are suffering from arthritis.

New study, headed by doctors at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine, has found that people with arthritis pain seem to improve there overall well-being when they participate in tai chi.

Tai chi is a form of chinese martial arts that incorporates slow movement and balance into the routine.

The study looked at 354 participants who were randomly assigned to one of two groups. All of them had some form of arthritic pain. One group immediately began an eight week, twice weekly tai chi course. the other group did not.

Researchers found that after an eight week follow up, those who initially took the tai chi course complained of less pain, fatigue and stiffness and felt better overall than those who had delayed their tai chi classes.

Those who did not take tai chi initially began classes after the follow up and all showed improvement after 16 weeks. Study authors say their data shows that tai chi could be an excellent solution for those who suffer from all types of arthritis, including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Via [StudyingHealth.Blog]
Src & Text: [CNN-IBN]

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