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Jumbo Jet AIRBUS A380 reports it first Jet Engine failure

Jumbo Jet A380 successful test and its power was echoed around the world a few months ago, now once again Airbus A380 is "BREAKING NEWS" . One of the passenger plane "QF32" with 433 passengers and 26 crew on board operated by Australia's Qantas Airways had to make an emergency landing due to engine failure.

One of the jet engines failed after take-off from Singapore. Engine maker Rolls-Royce has recommended checks.

Qantas has grounded its six A380 jets pending investigations.

Rolls-Royce one of the engine supplier to A380 said it was checking all the A380 planes in service - with Qantas, Singapore and Lufthansa - that use its Trent 900 engines. It said "the safe operation of our products is our number-one priority".

The other A380 superjumbos in service with Air France and Emirates use aEngine Alliance engine.

A team of air crash investigators is being sent to Singapore from France, where Airbus is based, to assist in the investigation.

Flight Singapore Airlines has resumed flights on its Airbus A380 aircraft - which were grounded after this incident took place.

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