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Even US sniffer dog named MWD Khan has its own passport.

We all now that the area where a politician or celebrity address or visits or stays goes through through checking with sophisticated instrument and sniffer dogs. Similarly a dog named Khan, MWD Khan, sniffer dog attached to the US commando unit assigned to protect US President Barack Obama during his Mumbai visit.

The German Shepherd of Belgian lineage holds a US passport (set box), showing its name as MWD Khan. MWD is the acronym for 'Military Working Dog'.

"The dog had a metal tag around its neck with the name MWD Khan embossed on it," said a police source. "It had a leather guard strapped to its mouth, just to prevent the canine from attacking bystanders and passers-by."

Highly trained sniffer would spend the next few days close to where the US President will be housed.

The dog enjoys all privileges that an army commando is entitled to.

The dog is trained to sniff deadly explosives generally used by terror groups like RDX, SEMTEX and C 4.

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