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Announcment of Big Business deal between India and France in the next few days?

Since the French President Nicholas Sarkozy is on a official 4 day tour visit to India, huge anticipation in business segment as the two nations may sign an agreement for the purchase of six nuclear reactors from the French nuclear giant Areva.

France hopes to sell the 1,650 MW,Each European Pressurized Reactor or the EPR, is capable of generating 1,650 MW of electricity and cost about 4 billions dollars, which means the deal will be worth $24 billion.

EPR is the world's single largest nuclear reactor. The EPR reactors are under construction in Finland, France and China.

If the deal goes through it would be one of the world's single largest nuclear contracts till date.

However, none of these new reactors have become operational anywhere in the world and many doubt as to whether India is taking a risk in striking the deal.

Src: [NDTV]

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