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Britons booze most, Indians least in the world.

According to survey, Britons booze maximum with the international average of 71% where as Indians drink the least in the world, with just 27 per cent i.e., one third of the Britons.

The survey found nearly one in 10 Britons admits to drinking every day - almost twice the number in France.

Around 41 per cent of Britons drink regularly, more than the nearest rivals in Australia, 27 per cent, and the international average of 17 per cent, the Daily Mail reports.

Other fascinating facts includes, Around one in three Britons exercises for less than an hour a week, and one in four smokes.Britain is fourth in the obesity league, with obesity rates at 33 per cent, after the US which tops the table with 53 per cent, Mexico 44 per cent and Australia 34 per cent.

- IANS Inputs

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