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$$$CASH$$$, pay $285 to stay for a day at world largest buliding 'Burj Khalifa'

Like to see how the world looks when you are top of the world??? Just shell out $285 per day to feel how enjoy the view of dubai from the high up of Burj.

An online company offering an apartment for rent @ $285 to spend a night at the world's tallest tower. The room is fully furnished with air conditioners, wireless Wi-Fi access point and work desks with PCs, can accommodate a maximum of four persons with a double bed and two sofa beds.

Though you can't enjoy as you expect since the floor for renting as at 19th floor, the world's highest fine dining restaurant at Level 122 and At the Top, the world's highest observatory deck with an outdoor terrace on Level 124 are the other attractions.

- PTI Inputs

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