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China to have its own Peace award to counter Nobel Peace Prize. Will it work?

We all know that china are good at cloning thing, from top notch gadgets to italia designer bags, we all see, we all love it as they are affordable and cheap.

In order to protest and counter the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Xhin liu, a group of Chinese professors are going to launch the Confucius Peace Prize, doing the same .

The Confucius prize is a greater honour than the Nobel, argued the website of the new award, because China has more than one billion citizens, while Norway is tiny and its committee "could be inevitably biased and fallacious".

And their first Confucius peace prize recipient will be Lien Chan, the former vice president of Taiwan, who "built a bridge between the mainland and Taiwan" according to the committee. Other nominees were Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates and the 11th Panchen Lama.

Src: [Various Media inputs]

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