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Do you know about the Britain's Psychic monkey predicting Ashes series and so far correctly foretold the results.

After the great psychic octopus Paul, FIFA 2010 World Cup fame, there has been no stopping in belief of animals predicting passionate games.... Paul may be no more now but it left it's legacy by predicting the FIFA 2010 World Cup, crowing Spain as champions.......... Now its time for some monkey business....serious business :P.A mystic monkey from North Tyneside, England has correctly predicted the results of the Ashes series so far.

According to The Sun, Jack the cotton-top tamarin has stunned keepers with his fortune-telling skills and could become a massive star if his streak continues.

Predicting at Tynemouth's Blue Reef Aquarium, the mystic monkey has so far correctly foretold the results of the first two Ashes test matches.

The results are predicted in simple method. Jack is put before two bowls of food - one England, and the other Australia.

The one he picks is said to be the winner, but if he leaves them both, a draw is on the cards.

The aquarium representative of Paul, Anna Etchells, decided to give Jack the opportunity to predict and So far, he has a one hundred per cent record

The cotton-top tamarin gets its name from the white crest of hair on its head and chest.

- ANI Inputs

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