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How many Web users are willing to pay for the services they used? [Survey]

According to a new survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, almost two-thirds of adult Internet users in the US have paid for get access to video, news and even free tools such as word processing and spreadsheets.

According to the stats from study, about a third of respondents said they have paid for digital music and for softwares too.

Followed by mobile apps for cell phones or tablet computers at 21 %. Then digital games at 19 % and newspaper, magazine or journal articles at 18 %.

This study also revealed that among people who paid for content, the typical user spent about $10 a month. Where some people paid as much as $45 for content which includes subscriptions and individual files downloaded or accessed.

The survey of 755 Internet users in the US was conducted Oct. 28-Nov. 1 and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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