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We heard "Love yourselves first", this women, by heart, really does..... gonna marry herself this new year.

It is common to see people marring those whom they love or being loved by others. Similarly, a Taiwanese woman is gonna marry some one this new year, whom she loves the most. So you may think what new in this? No, No, not the new year or 1-11-11. In this marriage, people will not be seeing any bride groom. That doesn't means this is same sex marriage but a marriage with super twist.

A 45 year old Taiwanese therapist, Chen Ching, likes to start this new year with new life by holding a splendid wedding where you will not see any male counterpart because she getting married to HERSELF.

According to TVBS cable news channel reports, Chen Ching is a popular therapist from the central county of Nantou and a book writer, said she spent two months preparing for her wedding in full, traditional Taiwan style.

It is to include lighting firecrackers, serving gluttonous rice dumplings, giving out Taiwan wedding cakes and sending out invitations to friends and relatives for her wedding banquet, she said.

She said she felt lucky she was able to "meet myself and fall in love with myself".

Chen said her wedding would be held on the first day of the New Year when Taiwan is to also celebrate its 100th year as a republic.

Chen plans to put on a wedding gown, wait for a limousine she is to hire to take her from her home in Mingchien to Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, where her self-wedding is to be staged.

This women is not the first one in doing so. Last month, a 30-year-old Taipei office worker did the same thing.

- IANS Inputs

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Anonymous said...

Great concept. I had a premonition about 12 years ago that I would meet my True Love when I was 50. Last summer, sitting in passenger seat of a car, looking up I say two birds meet beak to beak, right at the exact moment that I had this epipheny, I HAD met my true love, it was ME. I had recently been doing a lot of spiritual development type work. The realization brought tears to my eyes. Remember, you have to love yourself before you can love someone else (at least authentically)