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Now your pen will be controlling your Stress ?

Now controlling your stress will be in your hand.... literally....

During stressed, many people tend to do all sorts of crazy stuff with their pen. By observing this a Doctoral researcher student from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, named Miguel Bruns Alonso, has developed the prototype of a pen which gauges a user's stress levels and helps ease them.

This stress gauge pen can detect 'nervous' movements and determine whether the user is stressed or not. If he does considering the quicker movements associated with stress, the pen gradually becomes more difficult to move around. This encourages users to move in a more relaxed way, which in turn makes the pen yield more easily again, developer said.

With the help of sensors embedded in a pen, provides feedback on stress levels.

When the pen was evaluated in an experiment, people who received feedback on their behaviour had a lower heart rate (around five percent lower) than those who received no feedback. They experienced less psychological stress.

- IANS Inputs

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