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Virtually addicted Chinese women claims virtual assets in her divorce plea

This wacky cum interesting news is from china. A virtual world addicted women from china plea for her virtual assets which she had earned while playing online games with her husband IDs whom she was divorcing was rejected by local court.

They met through an online game, married at the end of 2008. The reason for getting divorce is, they blamed each other for being lazy in housework.

The couple played online games under the ID the husband had registered.

During the court case, the woman asked for her share of the virtual assets they earned in the game, but the husband didn't agree.

The People's Court of Shunyi district in Beijing ruled divorce for the couple. But it rejected the wife's claim, saying these issues can be considered under the law only when virtual assets are related to the real world, such as when they have been valued with real currencies.

- IANS Inputs

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