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Sarkozy-Bruni seeks divine help at Fatehpur Sikri, India, prays for son.

Fatehpur Sikri was a city developed by Mughal Emperor, Akbar located at Uttar Pradesh, India. This city was famous for its secularist views, since Akbar gave importance and respect to all the religions.

During the 4 day visit to India, French First Couple visited the famous Fatehpur Sikri dargah of saint Salim Chisthi, walked barefoot with their heads covered and prayed for a son. Similarly offering was done by none other than Mughal Emperor Akbar, centuries ago, later blessed with three sons.

Sarkozy-Bruni offer the specially made 5X4 feet long 'chadar' of roses.

The dargah(Muslim sacred place) became famous after its peer Sheikh Salim Chisthi had blessed Akbar with a child.

Bruni expressed her wish of having a son with. Sarkozy has three sons and Carla one through their previous marriages.

Sarkozy and Carla even tied the thread, known as 'Kalava', the symbol of their wish, after asking Rais Mian to blow his breath on it.

Sarkozy borrowed the skull cap of one of the officials here as none of those which were kept fit him properly. Bruni had covered her head with a pink stole.

Later they left for Agra, to see Tah Mahal.

- PTI Inputs

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