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Can Sacred Vedic chants can make rain fall?, scientists to find out soon.

A group of scientists led by V.P.M. Nampoori, former director of the International School of Photonics, Cochin University (CUSAT), will conduct research into the impact of Vedic chants and the fire ritual on the atmosphere and its surroundings.

Soon they will be establish their base at the ancient village of Panjal in Kerala to study the 3,100-year-old Vedic ritual called Athirathram in April.

Panjal is located in Thrissur bordering Palakkad district of Kerala close to the Nila river. The ritual to invoke the god of fire, to be held from April 4 to 14, will be conducted by 18 priests led by the head priest called 'yajaman' and his wife in the precincts of a Lakshmi Narayana shrine.

The village had played host to Athirathram 35 years ago and it was supported by the Helsinki, Harvard and Berkeley universities. But this is the first time the ritual will be held with people's support to promote world peace by the Varthathe Trust, a religious forum that promotes Vedic knowledge and spiritual systems.

The scientist said he would conduct "elaborate experiments in the areas of atmospheric changes in temperature, humidity and pressure level during the ritual".

The research will also include the "physiological and psychological effects on human beings, especially on those who meditate or are under medication ..."

The 2006 ritual was supported by the Smithsonian School and the Rock Foundation, the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and several scholars from Japan and Europe.

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