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Hackers develop software, to deal with Natural Disaster.

Hackers from around the world gathered at event called the Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK), showed that hackers are not far behind when it come to social responsibility.

They developed a software that can help identify and reduce risks from natural hazards.

During these events, hackers develop and improve tools aimed at helping emergency managers respond more effectively to disasters.

Within 24 hours , small groups of self-styled hackers produced two solutions, including a cellphone app called "I'm OK!".

The RHoK got shaped by biggies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the World Bank.

During this event, an estimated 1,500 specialists participated this year.

Another group designed a user-friendly Web "portal" for images from NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites and developed a new way for the free flow of large images over internet by breaking it.

All hackers who developed this applications made available to all through open-source licensing, but many are still in beta(prototype) stage.

- Reuters Inputs
Via: [CNN-IBN]

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