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Choco made products may be not affordable in 2014.

The Fact is Ivory Coast is the major producer and exporter of choc beans, almost half the world's cocoa beans are from Ivory Coast.

Expert predicts that in 2014, world may a face a 'chocolate drought', reason is political unrest in the Ivory Coast. The Choco beans production in recent months had sharply gone down, reason, less number of cocoa farmers there.

Many have fled the country or are smuggling the crop into Ghana, where it is selling at a far higher price, says British chocolatier Angus Kennedy.

Chocolate makers are now facing the highest cocoa prices for more than 30 years. Prices jumped by 10 per cent this month alone following a curb on international cocoa exports initiated earlier this week by Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara.

- PTI Inputs
Via: [CNN-IBN]

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