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An iPhone app by a 14 year old, a big big hit, topples Angry Bird.

Hey iPhone users, do you play 'Bubble Ball', puzzle game? Do you know who did it??? Don't be amazed,..............

A 8th Grade, 14 year old kid created the million hit app.

Bubble Ball reached more than 2 Million + hits, since its launch on Dec 29, 2010.

Robert Nay's first iPhone game has shot straight to the top of the Apple Store's free apps chart, overtaking the previous number one ‘Angry Birds’.

While 17 professionals in Finland developed the adventure game ‘Angry Birds’, Nay created ‘Bubble Ball’ in his bedroom in Spanish Fork, Utah, US, with the help from his mother Kari.

Thanks to a programmer friend, he firstly tried the standard Objective-C programming tools, but found the software a bit difficult, so switched to GameSalad, which he didn't like.

After decided Corona tools from Ansca Mobile best suited him - and let him write and publish for both Aplpe and Android devices .

- ANI Inputs
Via: [It's Apple Style, DC]

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