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House wife from US comes out with successful recipe to cure her bald patches on her head.

This 43-year old, home mommy from US, mother of three had come with her home recipe to cure balding patches on her head, which doctors claims to have no cure to it.

Mary Corrigan came up with a 'grow-your-hair-back diet' after a lengthy long research, devastated after hearing the Doctors negative response. Her diet did work, gave positive results within four months.

So would you like to know the secret recipe ??? It's simple, an iron rich diet such as cockles, venison and leafy green vegetables.

Within four months of adopting it, her hair had not only grown back, but was thicker and stronger, the Daily Mail reports.

Then Corrigan discovered the importance of serum ferritin, a protein responsible for the storage of iron. Low levels of the substance in the body - below 40 mg - can apparently cause hair loss and Corrigan was found to have a 'startling' 19 mg.

Unable to find an iron-rich sugar-free diet specifically to correct hair loss, she devised her own. And within a month she felt velvety patches of hair growth on her head. The average woman needs 15 mg of iron a day, she said.

Her sample menu is: fortified cereal plus orange juice for breakfast, a ham sandwich on wholewheat bread plus salad for lunch, and a dinner of cockles and seafood paella or venison burger and a salad of watercress, lettuce, peppers, tomato and pumpkin seeds.

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