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Married Women poisons whole family for stranger lover from Facebook.

A married women from Delhi, wife of West Delhi jeweller shop owner, poisons whole family for a totally stranger, claimed to US based NRI and owner of a chain of hotels.

Police said that facebook stranger had sent her a friend request and she had accepted it. Following this, stranger further developed friendship with her and told her that he was an NRI but presently was living in Delhi. He claimed that he owned a few hotels in America and had other businesses too. She believed him and started dating him. After a few months, stranger proposed and they decided to get married.

Since, the women was married, stranger asked the women get rid of her family and rob them before leaving. The women first ignored him but later she agreed to his plan. So one night she offered her family dinner that was laced with poisonous substance.

Luckily, the married women husband did not eat at home that night and went to bed. Her two children who ate the dinner fell unconscious. Women then made off with Rs 5 lakh cash and some gold and diamond jewellery.

Later, the women was robbed by that stranger and was found unconscious in the hotel.

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Via: [CNN-IBN]

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