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Scientist claims to developed an app which can detect cancer.

Team of Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, with the help of app developers claims to have developed a smart phone app which they say can detect cancer more accurately than the normal techniques generally followed in today's hospitals.

Doctors says, It takes an hour to make the diagnosis.

The researchers found that in initial tests, the device was 88 per cent accurate in distinguishing cancerous stomach tumours from benign growths.

Refining the technique boosted accuracy to 100 per cent, they reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine. The device, which is likely to cost about 60 pounds or so, consists of a smartphone connected to a miniature MRI machine.

In tests, patients with suspected stomach cancer had tiny samples of their growths removed using a fine needle. The researchers then added in antibodies designed to bind to proteins found in stomach tumours and tiny magnetic particles designed to latch onto the antibodies.

They then used the magnet in the hand-held MRI machine to excite the molecules in the sample, making them vibrate. The more the molecules vibrate, the more likely the sample is cancerous, the researchers found.

A special application on the smartphone then computes the results and provides doctors with a read-out.

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