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Wikileaks Cable: US Diplomats suggested Indian movies stars might help in stabilizing the war-torn Afghanistan

In one the cable leaks, US diplomats suggested that the popular stars from Hindi-language film industry(Bollywood) could be sent to Afghanistan to help stabilise the country, was published on Friday.

The confidential US document from March 2007, said that high-profile Bollywood actors could play a key role in India's 'soft power' assistance in Afghanistan.

"We understand Bollywood movies are wildly popular in Afghanistan, so willing Indian celebrities could be asked to travel to Afghanistan to help bring attention to social issues there," it said.

In Afghanistan, Bollywood films are regularly shown on television, though with the bare midriffs and plunging necklines of its sari-wearing actresses pixellated for a largely conservative Muslim audience. Movie soundtracks are also popular.

US diplomats in New Delhi described India as Afghanistan's 'natural ally' and advocated using its vast wealth of well-trained - and cheaper - expertise to build capacity in areas including the civil service and electoral bodies.

- Media Inputs(AFP)

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