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2022 FIFA World Cup which is going to be held in Doha(Qatar) may have Remote Clouds loitering around the field.

Qatar might be the one country which may look like hosting one of the futuristic Football World Cup tournament in 2022.

You may see some type of rectangular drones lingering around the ground. There are designed to provide shade for the people and player. As we all know that Middle East temperature is hot and we may expect quite increase in temperature across globe by 2022. This thought might had forced organizers to think about the Remote Cloud concept. And they are ready with design which costs around Million $$$. Qatar University's mechanical and industrial engineering department in collaboration with the Qatar Science and Technology Park had developed this Cloud.

The clouds will be ‘manufactured’ from light carbon materials and totally indigenous sources and will be propelled by four solar powered engines.

Artificial clouds would fly at a very high altitude to serve as shields from the direct and indirect sunrays and thereby help in controlling the temperature.

Via: [DC, peninsulaqatar]

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