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China steal terabytes of sensitive data from US computers.

According to secret diplomatic cables made available to Reuters by third party, China had increased its hand in cyber-espionage and said to have gained accessed to sensitive user names and passwords and terabytes of classified documents.

And at the moment, many experts believe China may have gained the upper hand.

According to US investigators, China has stolen terabytes of sensitive data - from usernames and passwords for State Department computers to designs for multi-billion dollar weapons systems. And Chinese hackers show no signs of letting up. "The attacks coming out of China are not only continuing, they are accelerating," says Alan Paller, director of research at information-security training group SANS Institute in Washington, DC.

Secret US State Department cables, obtained by WikiLeaks and made available to Reuters by a third party, trace systems breaches - colorfully code-named "Byzantine Hades" by US investigators - to the Chinese military. An April 2009 cable even pinpoints the attacks to a specific unit of China's People's Liberation Army.

-Reuters Input

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