Do you Know about?

Bill Warren, a salvage diver and an entrepreneur, determined to search for Osama Bin Laden Body under water.

A resident of California, Bill Warren, age 59, diver and entrepreneur by profession has announced that he wants to find the dead body of Osama in order to make him and the other truth seekers to be satisifted.

"I'm doing it because I am a patriotic American who wants to know the truth. I do it for the world," Warren told the New York Post.

Going on his girlfriend word, who is russian, says, according to their(russian) intelligence, Osama Bin Laden is not really dead.

For this mission, Warren is expected to shell out more that $400,000 for several boats and high end tech and a mini lab for DNA test.

He also said that he don't have belief on Obama and his administration.

- Various Media Input

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