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A Superbike made to fly high [CONCEPT]

A British Designer come which his own innovative concept of fly high with the help of just two wheels, ya that's right i am talking about Bike, Motor Bike, named Bullet.

Designed by Phil Pauley, he concept design built with an imaginative aim to fly with his enhanced aerodynamically motorbike design with four short wings, a tail fin and a compact jet engine at the rear. Bullet has additional fuel storage within the wings.

Mechanism Concept:
  1. Once the thruster is turned on the bike can elevate itself and its rider to over a foot into the air.
  2. With flyable, aerodynamic with added lift facilitates much higher speeds than on a normal track.

According to Phil Pauley the bullet can reach a speed of more than 300 mph (483 kmph).

Src: [Ultimate Autos]

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