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Indian Mobile Manufacturer Micromax emulating the Samsung Strategy ?

Micromax is an Indian consumer electronic company which mostly deals with Telecom related devices. With Canvas inventory, Micromax has occupied second position in smartphone market share overtaking other popular brands like Nokia, LG and Sony. Before introduction of Canvas 4, Micromax mantra was to offer premium phone features with decent hardware at affordable price. But now I sense a change in its strategy, following Samsung type of success strategy. Here is why I fee so.

1. Secrecy: As per my knowledge, Micromax did tremendous job in hiding the specs and pictures leaking to media. This was essential for hype because more secrecy mean more rumors, more rumors mean publicity with tech circles.

2. Marketing: I feel that Micromax has spent more on Canvas 4 pre-launch marketing than any of its predecessors.

3. Banking more on Software than Hardware:  There was lot of buzz in social media sites about its hardware specs but in fact there was no much improvement except camera pixels. But, in this edition Micromax concentrated more on software side getting some new tricks up its sleeves and copying others. Same like Samsung Galaxy III.

4. Series: Micromax is now banking on Canvas series similar to how Samsung did on Galaxy Series.

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