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World's Biggest Bike Balloon is Full of Hot Air!

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We keep running into motorcycle riders with tall claims all the time, but this one really takes the cake.

Being touted as the "world's biggest flying bike", this hot air balloon has been made for the promotion of the George White Superbikes racing team from the Land of the Queen, which races in the British Superbike Series.

While the balloon will be used to fly the name of the team high at various venues of the racing series, the sort of statistics that stand by its making are simply mind numbing. At 37 metres high and 47 metres wide, the balloon was made out of 5500 different patches of fabric, sewed together by over 50 miles of thread! The balloon has been built to scale, blowing up an average BSB bike 23 times. Ever imagined a 23XL helmet on a rider? That's what we mean when we say that size does matter!

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