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The iPhone May Have Made Gizmodo Richer by $150,000

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Gizmodo, the popular gadget blog that everyone is now talking about for their iPhone 4G scoop, may have paid a hefty price to buy a non-working prototype of a phone but the site owners may still be having their biggest paydays ever.

Here’s why. Gizmodo gets around 5 million pageviews per day but the day they published pictures of the iPhone 4G, their web traffic nearly quadrupled to 20 million. The excitement continued unabated and traffic soared to 23 million the next day.

This roughly means that Gizmodo got nearly 30-32 million extra pageviews in just two days due to their iPhone story. If Google Ads and other non-premium ad networks are paying Gizmodo $5 CPM (a conservative estimate), the scoop alone may have made the gadget site richer by at least $150,000 (or even more).

Such is the excitement around the leaked iPhone that Gray Powell, the Apple employee who left his phone in the bar, became the 5th most searched term on Google yesterday. This is however one achievement that Gray would never like to brag about.

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