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Now its Bangladesh turn to ban facebook.

After banning popular social networking sites like twitter and facebook and partial ban on video sharing site Youtube by pakistan over religious sentiments, now its turn of the brother country to ban the social networking facebook.

No official announcement was made yet on the decision but the Daily Star newspaper quoted an unnamed Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission official as saying that "part of the reason (of blocking the network) is the posting of some anti-religious and porn links by users across the globe".

"We have blocked all access to Facebook temporarily... It was done in line with a decision of government high-ups," the official said, adding some users had posted anti-Islamic content about Prophet Mohammad, which the government took seriously.

Leaders of several right-wing Islamic groups have demanded a ban on the networking website for posting of materials hurting Muslim religious sentiments.

Users suddenly were barred from logging into the network since 6.30 pm last evening while in a late-night development a group of Dhaka University students took to the streets to protest the government's decision.

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