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India wants its rich heritage back from Britain.

Britain expects India to shortly ask yet again for the return of its artefacts allegedly looted during the colonial period and now showcased in various British museums.

The Independent newspaper said the Archaeological Survey of India is now compiling a list of the stolen riches before launching a “diplomatic and legal campaign” for their restitution from institutions, including the British Museum, the royal collection and the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Among the items from the list quoted by the newspaper are the 2.3-metre-tall bronze Buddha statue excavated from Sultanganj in Bihar, which is now in Birmingham, and the Amravati railings, a series of limestone carvings dating from 100 A.D. and acquired from a Buddhist temple in Andhra Pradesh by Victorian explorers. The world-famous Kohinoor diamond, which was mined from Golconda and graced the crown of the then Empress of India is also on the list.

Indian Treasures in the UK
  • Kohinoor diamond, which was set on the crown of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Buddhist limestone reliefs from Amaravati.
  • Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s jade cup.
  • Tipu Sultan’s Dream Book.
  • The Sultanganj Buddha (600 AD-800 AD), the largest known complete Indian metal sculpture.

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