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Wembley's new 16-million pound temple.

New tourist attraction in Wembley in London: a Hindu temple that has been set up after 16 million pounds and 14 years.

The imposing sand-coloured structure stands on 2.4 acres, and has been built without any metal support. Instead, construction techniques laid out in ancient Hindu scriptures were put to use. Many of the carvings in the temple were specially-made in Gujarat and then imported.

Wembley has a huge Indian population, but there were plenty of non-Indians checking out the new building. "It's unique, has beautiful's been a long time coming but it's been worth it. I'm local, live a mile away from the mandir. I'll be visiting regularly," says a woman we met.

The temple includes 41 marble statues which pay homage to, among others, Guru Nanak and Mother Teresa.

Src: [ndtv]

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