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iPhone 4 antenna problems were predicted on June 10 by Danish professor

iPhone 4-antenna system is far from new. And possibly it is even so problematic that it will reduce the phone's performance,says leading experts when it comes to cellphone antennas, a professor Gert Frølund Pedersen from Aalborg University's Institute for Electronic Systems.

He is leading an international research team that recently got one million support from the Technology Foundation to develop a more effective mobile antenna, and has for many years studereret antenna technology on the mobile front.

Asked about Apple's iPhone presentation of four, he answered that the construction of the antenna as a part of the phone's frame is an old news that is seen many times before. Virtually all cell phone antennas on the market uses phone's metal parts such as antenna.

But on the iPhone 4, it also appears that this antenna's designs can provide special challenges because a portion of the antenna will inevitably be affected by the user's hand.

"The actual circuit board works as a part of the antenna and the metal frame around the coupler signal into it. But it means that the user can not fail to disturb the antenna system, with its touch," says Gert Frølund Pedersen ComON.

"But the human tissue in any event have a deterrent effect on the antenna. Touch means that a larger portion of the antenna energy turns into heat and lost . This makes the antenna less efficient to transmit and receive radio signals, "says Gert Frølund Pedersen.

Researchers at Aalborg University have previously demonstrated that gradually reduce mobile antenna effectiveness in very great degree. Antenna effect may be reduced by more than 90 percent if you hold tight on your mobile phone where the antenna is located.

But on top of the electrical disturbances which physical contact between skin tissue and the antenna metal will result.

He suggests that a more efficient antenna design in a smartphone would be a system with two different antennas, which can take over from each other depending on how you hold her hand. H

Precisely such an antenna model that can function more optimally and energy-friendly in the future, advanced smartphones, have set out to develop in North Jutland research team.

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