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Can you Belive it ? Indian Foreign Ministry is on twitter.

Following the steps of West side type of effort like US to interact with the public directly, Indian foreign ministry has has created a Twitter account and got several followers already.

You can follow them at @indiandiplomacy

In probably the first effort by a government ministry to experiment with the new age internet tools, the Twitter account was created on Thursday, which initially had only two posts.

A Facebook account is also being planned as is the launch of a new web portal by the public diplomacy division of the external affairs ministry, an official told IANS.

However, officials were not keen to publicise the effort, and termed it still a "work in progress".

They said the new web portal would be "interactive" through the links to social networking sites, but refused to give further details.

Before this Delhi Police was first to use Social Networking site Facebook.

In the US, not just institutions, even ambassadors and diplomats are on Twitter.

Similarly, in other Western countries, both Facebook and Twitter have been used extensively in public diplomacy efforts, networking multiple platforms like YouTube for videos and Flickr for photographs.

- IANS Inputs

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