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Car cheaper then Nano designed by India's Ajmer Students is just worth $1555.

Inspired by the World's Cheapest Car, Engineering students from Ajmer had been working overtime i.r., eight hours a day to create a dream car for the middle class families. It runs on diesel and costs just 70 thousand rupees.

"When Tata launched its Nano car, we started thinking about all the areas where costs can be cut. Our basic idea was to locate all factors through which costs can be reduced and our car can be within the reach of the middle class," said Chaturbhuj Sharma, Engineering student, Bhagwant University.

Another student Samir Singh says, "We had to change a lot of designs and specifications to increase the fuel economy of the car. And through the efforts of our dedicated team, this car will run 35 kilometers per litre."

Many designs were made and considered for the best out put. Some of the Fabricating was done by the students themselves, the students have fitted a Lambretta engine and a Fiat suspension system in their Nano version.

While it's currently a two-seater car that can run over 50 kilometers an hour, teachers monitoring this project have grand plans to improve it.

"We will make this into a double cylinder car and make it more fuel efficient. And after improving its aero-dynamic balance, we will develop it into a four-seater car without increasing its cost," said Prof OP Arora, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.

College authorities now plan to get a patent for this students design and they are keen to tie up with a major automobile company to launch their Nano version in the market at the earliest.

Note: Here Rs.45=$1 is considered.

- NDTV Inputs

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