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Its not octopus paul, but the parrot mani parakeet predicting the FIFA WC 2010

The world and football frenzy guys are after the Germany's Octopus paul which almost attained superstar and almighty deity status among football fans.Paul is an octopus that lives at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany. But its the Mani's parrot parakeet which is predicting all the FIFA WC football matches and it seems that all of its predictions are true.

13-year-old parakeet only has a little cage to call home, although he is taken care of with tender loving care.

He and his master, fortune-teller Mr Muniyappan, ply their trade along the narrow five-footways of Little India, awaiting customers like curious locals and tourists who want a peek into their future.

2 days ago, The New Paper found the prophetic duo along Serangoon Road.

Mani was squawking noisily when this reporter approached Mr Muniyappan with trepidation.We asked: 'Can Mani predict who will win the quarter-final matches of the World Cup?'

No reply from the 70-year-old Mr Muniyappan. The wizened man pointed at the cards in our hands and gestured towards his table.

Game on. First up was Brazil's showdown with Holland.Mani was swift.
He rushed out of his cage without any coaxing from Mr Muniyappan and snapped up the Dutch card.Indeed, a portentous omen for the Samba boys, who are looking to win their sixth World Cup.

Next up was Uruguay and Ghana, Africa's remaining hope in the tournament.
Alas, it looks like Africa will have to wait another four years.
Mani was again swift in his decision, snapping up the card for Diego Forlan's Uruguay before trooping back to his cage.

But it was a different story for Germany and Argentina.

Even when his cage door was opened, Mani stood his ground and only came out after much coaxing from Mr Muniyappan.

But But as the picture itself shows, the FIFA WC 2010 final prediction is wrong. Sorry its all the luck game.

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