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'Moko', popular dolphin which saved two whales in 2008 is dead.

You might have seen dolphin dancing to the tunes of his master in zoo show. People love such dolphin to its loving and interactive nature, one such popular dolphin is 'Moko' which even made headline through the world for finding out and rescuing two stranded whales.

Moko was a familiar sight around the North Island's eastern beaches, swimming among bathers but sometimes blocking them from reaching shore.

Conservationists confirmed the carcass of a bottlenose dolphin was "probably" Moko, and tests are being done.

The dolphin carcass was found on an eastern North Island beach on Wednesday - two weeks after Moko was last seen.

"Based on the size, markings and teeth of the carcass, we think that this is Moko," said Jamie Quirk of the Department of Conservation.

He did not speculate on what may have caused the death, but DNA testing is due to be carried to confirm whether it is the famous dolphin.

"This is a sad loss," said Andrew Baucke, area manager of the conservation department.

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