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Nelson Mandela under pressure from FIFA to attend FIFA WC 2010

Nelson Mandela's grandson Mandla Mandela says the former South African president has been put under "extreme pressure" by Fifa Governing Body to attend Sunday's World Cup final.

Nelson Mandela will be 92 years old by next week.

Nelson Mandela cancelled plans to attend the opening ceremony after his great-granddaughter died in a car crash the night before the tournament.

Fifa head Sepp Blatter has said it will be "wonderful" if Mr Mandela attends.

Speaking to the BBC, Mandla Mandela said: "We've come under extreme pressure from Fifa (the governing body of world football) requiring and wishing that my grandfather be at the final.

"But I think that decision will solemnly lie with him, as how he wakes up today, how he feels, and what his medical team says.

"My grandfather is 92 years old next week, this is an evening game; he's expected to hand over the trophy after the game which could be anything from 2230 to 2300 and it will be quite strenuous on his part."

Nelson Mandela's attendance would be seen as the perfect end to a competition that has boosted not only his country but all of Africa.

Mandla Mandela said: "I think people ought to just understand the family's traditions and customs and understand we've had a loss in the family and we are in mourning and that for me would be enough reason to leave the family to be for now."
On Thursday, Mr Blatter said: "We cannot foresee exactly what will happen, but if (Nelson Mandela) can come to the stadium it will be good.

- BBC Inputs

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