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Only 8 Indian Cos among 500 World's Biggest Companies.

Only Eight Indian companies feature in the list of the world's 500 largest companies compiled by American business magazine Fortune.

The compiled list by the magazine is topped by US retailer Wal-Mart Stores(1st), followed by oil giant Royal Dutch Shell(2nd) and another oil major, Exxon Mobil(3rd),British Petroleum (BP)(4th)  followed by Toyota Motor (5th), Japan Post Holdings (6th), Sinopec (7th), State Grid (8th), AXA (9th) and China National Petroleum (10th.)

Besides IOC and RIL, the other Indian companies in the list are steel-maker Tata Steel, auto company Tata Motors, oil entities Bharat Petroleum(BP), Hindustan Petroleum(HP) and Oil & Natural Gas (ONGC) and public sector bank SBI (State Bank of India).

Tata Motors has made an entry into the list for the first time this year, while seven other Indian entities, which were part of the list in the previous year as well, are also featured in this list.

The list also features Citigroup, ArcelorMittal, Pepsico and Motorola, four companies led by people with Indian roots. IOC has the highest rank of 125 among the featured Indian companies, followed by RIL at the 175th spot, SBI (282), BPCL (307), HPCL (354), Tata Steel (410), ONGC (413) and Tata Motors (442).

According to the magazine, IOC had revenues to the tune of USD 54.28 billion, RIL USD 41.08 billion, SBI USD 28.21 billion, BPCL USD 26.59 billion, HPCL USD 23.88 billion, Tata Steel USD 21.58 billion, ONGC USD 21.44 billion and Tata Motors USD 19.5 billion.

Vikram Pandit-led Citigroup is at 33rd place, with revenues of USD 108.78 billion, while NRI billionaire L N Mittal's ArcelorMittal bagged the 99th position with revenues worth USD 65.11 billion.

Among 500, American companies have bagged 139 seats in the list, followed by Japan with 71, and then China, with 46 seats.

This year, there are 12 Fortune Global 500 companies run by women, compared to 13 last year.

The magazine said that Wal-Mart Stores had revenues to the tune of USD 408. 21 billion, while Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil raked in revenues worth USD 285.12 billion and USD 284.65 billion, respectively.

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