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New Optic Fibre Tech will reduce the signal(data) lost.

Light micrograph of a fibre optics cable

A Team of Scientists funded by EU have shown off a system they say could "substantially" improve the data capacity of fibre optic networks.

The new experiment showed that the new improved system would eliminate most of the interference caused by other signals and amplifiers, in an analogue of "auto-tune" software and the good thing is that it can be plugged directly into existing networks.

The prototype device makes use of advances both in optical fibre technology and in lasers, which are used to "lock on" to the signal and distinguish it from noise.

"With this demonstration we've shown that it is possible to use the capabilities of the optical fibre to the full without being restricted by the capabilities of the electronics," said Periklis Petropoulos, a researcher on the project from the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre.

The output signal is returned to its sharp-edged nature at the precise digital levels that are needed; it is, in one sense, like a fibre-optic version of the auto-tune software that "cleans up" singers' voices.

"You could say that in its final functionality, it is like auto-tune," Dr Petropoulos told BBC News.

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