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China says that its high speed rail system with avg speed of 500 kmph

Chinese Govt official said that it has started research on a new super-speed technology that would allow it to run trains at over 500 km an hour.

Railway ministry chief engineer He Huawu said that new technology will increase the average speed of trains to over 500 km per hour, China Daily reported.

Speaking at a conference in central China's Wuhan city, He said that the 400-500 km/h high-speed railway technology is in its final phase of development and the 380-km/h trains are already coming off production lines.

China has already put into service 7,055 km of high-speed railway tracks - the longest in the world. It is expected to reach 13,000 km by 2012.

"We aim to lead the world in high-speed railway construction," He was quoted as saying.

China-made CRH380A train hit a speed of 416.6 km per hour on a test run in September, setting a new world train speed record.

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